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When It Comes to Relationships, Do You Feel Lost and Lonely?

Do you worry that you will never be able to find a healthy, satisfying relationship? Do you wonder what a happy relationship even feels like? You might be feeling that you are always choosing the wrong person to date or that you cannot tell the difference between deal-breakers and common relationship conflicts. Perhaps you are single, have a vibrant career and supportive friends but still feel lonely. Or, you struggle to connect and communicate with your partner in your current relationship. Do you wish you could find and nurture a relationship with deep emotional connection and shared passions?

It can be confusing and exhausting for modern women with full lives to navigate relationship problems, especially in a city like Los Angeles. Maybe you tell yourself that you’re fine and should not need romance to be happy. And yet, you feel that something is missing in your life. Past hurts might have left you scared of choosing the wrong person or letting anyone close again. The whole idea of putting your heart in someone else’s hands may even seem downright dangerous and you may not know how to reach out and find someone who accepts and values your true self. Whether you are tired of looking for love or facing the same conflicts with your partner, you may feel confused about where to look for relationship help.

Many Women Feel Unsatisfied in Their Romantic Relationships

Single or divorced woman alone missing a boyfriend while swinging on the beach at sunsetIt is a basic human need to want to come home to someone who loves you even on your worst day. I understand how frustrating it is to feel in control of so many aspects in one’s life and yet feel utterly clueless about romantic love and communication in relationships. And yet the truth is that most of us, no matter how successful we are in other areas, find intimate relationships a challenge and need help with developing our relationship IQ. According to current attachment research, at least half the population struggles with intimacy, whether some are too insecure and clingy or too detached and avoidant.

There is no shame in working for what you really want in life – in fact it’s honorable and admirable. Today, the average marriage in the US lasts only 8 years, suggesting that most people want lasting love but don’t know how to pull it off. People who do find love that lasts often differentiate themselves from those who don’t simply with the decision to change and develop their relationship skills.

Regardless of whether you want relationship coaching to improve your current relationship or are single and need help finding a suitable mate, I can help you increase your self-knowledge, confidence and relationship skills. I have provided counseling for women for more than 10 years now and understand how to tailor therapy for women so they can overcome their specific relationship problems.

Relationship Counseling for Women Can Help You

woman walks in garden toward two doorsI have helped women break through their fears, overcome relationship issues and foster the vibrant, enduring partnerships they crave. I provide a unique combination of deep feeling and solution-focused therapy. This means that I will encourage you to express yourself freely and delve more deeply into why you feel the way you do. Truly facing your feelings can increase your awareness of what is blocking you from getting close to someone and sabotaging your happiness. It’s an essential part of profound growth and change.

In addition, I can help you identify and better understand the past relationship mistakes that continue to impact your romantic life today. These mistakes provide vital information about what you need to change to find the relationship you deserve. I can help you learn from your mistakes and move forward with a clear vision of what to look for in potential dates. Through relationship therapy, you gain insight into how to leave your dating Groundhog Days behind.

As we work together, I will also provide you with specific ideas and tools to improve your relationship skills. Combining aspects of empowerment counseling and relationship counseling, I will tailor my feedback to your particular history, experiences, personality and therapy goals. For example, we might discuss healthy ways to argue and resolve conflict or how to manage and overcome feelings of jealousy and insecurity. I can teach you how to handle anger or how to balance independence and relationship intimacy. If you are struggling to discuss sensitive topics such as sex or money with your partner, I will provide clear strategies on how to show vulnerability, express your emotions while also advocating for your needs.

It takes work and a leap of faith to get what you want in life. And it’s never too late to make a change. With counseling for women, you can tap into your inner strength, face your fears and move forward with confidence and ease. All it takes for you to change your life beyond your wildest dreams is to engage in true self-discovery and commit to making the necessary changes.

You may have questions or concerns about counseling for women…

I’ve heard that therapy takes too long.

While underwoman opens window to bright doors standable, this question always surprises me. Too long for whom and compared to what? Shouldn’t growth be a lifelong quest anyway? In a year from now, you could be the same person struggling with the same relationship problems, or you could be someone who has overcome challenges that feel totally insurmountable today. We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. While real change usually does not happen overnight, many of my clients feel they progress well within a few months of weekly sessions with me and then elect to continue because they love the benefits so much.

I don’t think I can afford weekly sessions.

The real question is, can you afford for everything to stay the same? I am committed to providing affordable therapy for women from all walks of life. I keep my fees well below the average cost for 45-minute sessions and offer a full 60 minutes instead. Most of my clients have a fairly modest income and can afford weekly sessions with me quite easily. The benefit of increasing confidence and control over your romantic life far outweighs the monetary cost. Plus, becoming more happy and mentally healthy can make it easier to prevent needless or compulsive spending in other areas of your life.

Can I really learn to get better at love? Shouldn’t good relationships just come naturally?

Yes indeed, some of us are lucky enough to be raised by attentive and attuned parents who model a healthy marriage or teach us both healthy self-esteem and good relationship skills. In reality though, few people fit this description, and many of us struggle behind closed doors, ashamed of what we feel we are lacking when it comes to love. So for most of us, it takes some work to find and keep the relationship we really want. No matter what your current struggles are when it comes relationships, there is hope for you. Change is within your reach.

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Still have questions or concerns?

Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with me so I can answer your questions about relationship counseling or counseling for women. You can email me at ngeipert[at] or call me at 310-601-6071.

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