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Do You Feel Sad, Down and Defeated?

Do you ever feel hopeless about your life, as though you live in a place where the sun never rises, with no memory of what the sun even looks or feels like? Does every movement take effort, and you can’t recall feeling joyful about anything in your life? Your instincts may be telling you that something is wrong—why not listen to them? You might be waking up tired every day even though you have had enough sleep. Or, you feel frequently hopeless, guilty, angry or unlovable and cannot figure out what triggered these feelings. You might have lost all interest in sex or your appetite and eating habits have suddenly changed. All these symptoms could be a sign of a serious depression. Do you want to get rid of this inner darkness and emptiness and feel excited about life again?

If you Are Struggling With Depression, You Are Not Alone

Portrait of sad, depressed woman sitting alone in the forest. Solitude or depression concept. Millenial dealing with problems and emotions.At least 350 Million people struggle with depression worldwide today, and yet nothing can make you feel more alone and isolated from your fellow humans than depression. Feeling chronically depressed can be a brutal experience that seems relentless and impossible to describe. Moreover, it is often hard to pinpoint where the symptoms of depression are coming from.

Sometimes the triggers for a depression are obvious, such as a break-up, the death of a loved one, job loss or some other huge life change. In those instances, you may find yourself not bouncing back the way you used to and need additional help to fully recover and move forward. Some people experience depression in midlife because they begin doubting their choices and feel a general malaise about their lives. In other cases, depression develops slowly over time and is not triggered by one single event, but rather a series of small disappointments. This can feel like death by a thousand papercuts, and in this case especially, many individuals feel powerless to fix the source of their pain.
The good news is that regardless of what triggered your depression, with the right depression treatment plan, you can enjoy a full recovery and reconnect with loved ones, nurture old or new hobbies and simply rediscover happiness.

With Depression Counseling, You Can Find Healing and Relief

Conceptual image of desert road with the word hope and arrowI have provided depression counseling to countless clients and learned that even though depression is quite common, no two people with depression are alike. There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment for depression. Your pain is specific and unique, and your depression treatment needs to be as well. First, I will encourage you to share your specific “inner dialogue” – or the ongoing, self-critical thoughts weighing you down – that is so often an essential part of depression. Just saying all of the self-defeating thoughts out loud weakens their power over you so you can feel, as one client put it, as though “a fog has been lifted.”

Together, we will figure out what triggered your current symptoms of depression. Even though you may feel that there is no reason for your current pain or numbness, I can promise you that there is a very good reason – you just haven’t found it yet. That confusion can be very toxic. While I will encourage and support you to express the full extent and depth of your despair, I will also ask targeted questions to pinpoint the causes of your depression. I have witnessed many breakthrough moments in my practice, when clients began to recognize their triggers and learned how to heal painful emotions.

Releasing these bad feelings brings great immediate relief but also punches holes into the toxic cloud that is depression. This enables you to think more clearly about how to overcome depression more permanently. We will talk about what specific steps can improve your daily life and mood. In some cases, this might involve an exercise routine or more socializing. If your depression symptoms relate to your relationships and how you feel about loved ones, I will provide you with tools for how to tackle some of these difficulties.

If you discover that your job is a source of sadness or dissatisfaction, I can help you find the courage to come up with a game plan and make a change. Regardless of what you’re struggling with, together we will interrupt the vicious cycle of depression and silence the inner voice that insists that there’s no point. Instead you will begin to feel hopeful about your life and believe that you have the power to change it for the better.

Whether helping a cancer survivor or the professional woman in her fifties who lost her job suddenly, my treatment plan has been effective in helping countless clients overcome their depression and rediscover their joy and hope. You can get control over your life and your daily moods.

You may have questions or concerns…

I have heard depression counseling doesn’t work or takes too long.

nature. pathway in the forest with sunlightIt’s the nature of depression that virtually everything feels pointless and hopeless, so of course those thoughts will extend to getting help for depression. What’s the point, right? Consider this statistic: According to a survey of the National Mental Health Association, more than 80 percent of patients who sought treatment for depression reported that it alleviated the symptoms of their depression greatly.

I also understand the concern that therapy might take too long. It’s understandable that you want to feel better now and can’t imagine tolerating slow progress. But real, lasting change takes time, and if you never start, it will only take longer. I can honestly say that most of my clients’ depression significantly improves within the first 6-12 months. In 6 months from now, you could be the same depressed person or someone who feels more engaged with and enthusiastic about life. The choice is yours.

What about medication?

Maybe you are afraid that I will suggest medication and you are not comfortable with taking pills. First of all, I hardly ever recommend medication. Most people don’t need it and do fine with counseling alone. I only suggest medication for depression in one instance: when a client is so severely depressed that she cannot engage meaningfully in therapy. Even then, medication and therapy have a much better track record in permanently curing your depression than medication alone. Medication is not a long-term solution and cannot teach you the right coping and life skills to prevent a relapse.

Can talking about my feelings make my depression worse?

Talking about certain feelings may be uncomfortable or painful, but it won’t make your depression worse. In truth, expressing your feelings releases all of that pent-up suffering and provides you with an opportunity to truly heal at the core.

I understand that it’s hard to have hope and believe that you could ever feel better again when you are in the throes of a deep depression. I invite you to let me help you be hopeful again. Overcoming depression is possible. You can rediscover joy in your life and feel that life is worth living.

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