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A word about testimonials. Due to the delicate and confidential nature of the therapeutic relationship, it’s unethical for therapists to solicit testimonials from clients, even former clients. Most of the testimonials below are from colleagues for that reason. However, a few business consulting clients chose to leave reviews on google which requires self-identification. I share these testimonials here. In addition, occasionally I receive emails from former clients to thank me and let me know how they are doing. These types of emails truly make a therapist’s day. I have shared a few of these emails editing out all identifying information.

I have been a therapist for over forty years and have consulted with Nadja on several cases . I find her to be not only insightful and compassionate but innovative in her approach. Her instincts are, more often than not, spot on and her directness is frankly a breath of fresh air. This is a therapist who continues to educate herself and remains open to all there is to discover in our complex field. I would recommend her without reservation! 

Gretchen Bernfeld

As a nurse practitioner at a renowned medical center here in Los Angeles, I have referred several patients to Nadja for psychotherapy. When interacting with Nadja, I’m always struck by her interpersonal skills, and her honesty and integrity. My patients tell me that she is warm and empathic, has a gift for delivering constructive feedback, and that she has been pivotal in their undergoing meaningful change. I recommend Nadja Geipert without hesitation.

Amanda Crick MSN, ANP-BC, RN-BC

Nadja Geipert has been tremendously helpful in two facets of my life:  helping me understand, relate and grow closer to my four sons; and in dealing with the stress and difficulties of my professional life.

I am a divorced father and single dad to four young boys, ages 14, 10, 9 and 6.  The difficulties in meeting their mental, emotional and social needs is tremendous and they need their dad to provide for them but also to be available when home.  Nadja has helped me understand my sons’ perspectives, what they are experiencing, their feelings and what they need from their dad.  In the last year, I have learned more about my sons and built a much stronger relationship with them.  We’ve begun to have the types of conversations that I never had with my own dad and know that I’ve always wanted.

Professionally, Nadja has helped me as a business consultant for my practice in the financial services industry.  As a small business owner, I have the responsibility for everything that happens within my business (hiring and training team members, budgets, office expenses, growing my business and our capacity to handle that increased business, and other stresses of leading a team, this does not even take into account the primary responsibility that I have in working with my clients) and that can be overwhelming at times.  Nadja has brought her years of experience in guiding interpersonal relationships and provided me with strategies to take on each aspect of my business.  She has helped me find more efficient methods to do business, but most importantly, ways to bring out the best in the team in my office and ways to better relate to and understand my clients so I can be a better advisor for them.  This has been invaluable to me in helping my business expand. 

John Donahoe, Financial Advisor

Nadja was tremendously helpful when I was getting one of my own businesses off the ground years ago in a new field, often being a great sounding board for strategic ideas, always offering constructive, spot-on feedback. She has the necessary skills of honest, straightforward assessment, along with a deep understanding of human nature, to provide a framework for success to her clients.


I think Nadja is an extraordinary and very effective therapist. You really want a therapist who is caring, compassionate, perceptive, an attentive listener and an excellent communicator. She is all those things but she also has another quality which is rarer, although a little hard to define. It doesn’t take long to work out that Nadja confronts problems head-on. But somehow I found that tendency rubbing off on me – despite the fact that I was nearer the opposite end of the spectrum. I found that her energy and determination to confront problems enabled me to tackle issues that I would have probably found a way of avoiding if left to my own devices. And that is something that really enables change to take place. She combines these characteristics with a very deep understanding of human beings. Some other therapists I have come across now seem quite shallow by comparison. The net result of all this is that she has been instrumental in enabling me to change my life in ways that would have been scarcely credible just a few years ago. And because of that I can absolutely recommend her. I should also mention that she has a great sense of humor, and that can be very helpful at times as well. 


I have been thinking of you (Nadja) for a long time now. Hopefully you remember me. I just wanted to say hello to you. I’m doing great. I am working full time now and have my very own two bedroom apartment. Just me and my daughter. :)))) I am happy and healthy and things are good in life. 

You helped me tremendously in life and I will never forget you! You truly are doing what you were meant to do in life. I just wanted you to know how much you meant to me in my life. Thank you for getting me thru one of the hardest times in my life.

Former Client

I hope you (Nadja) are doing well this christmas.  I have thought of you often over the last two months.  I miss talking to you..  I am still doing well. Everyday since sometime in October I have had a good day.  Even when something bad happens i no longer am just internalizing it like i did my whole life.  Things are good on all fronts. My relationship with (…) is great.  I am still breaking all my rules of the things i “don’t do.” (smiling, feeling, being intimate).  I hope you have a safe holiday.  Thanks again for everything.  I wouldn’t be where i am (happy) without you, you really changed my life. I know you don’t like taking credit but please take it you helped me work through a lifetime of unhappiness and disappointment and helped me learn how to feel again.

Former Client

I have known Nadja for over 20 years, both personally and professionally. When I refer someone to her I feel confident that they will be seeing a dedicated, caring professional who is not only compassionate but will also provide the right amount of challenge when needed by someone struggling to make changes in their life.