Top 10 Benefits Of Therapy

1. The gift that keeps on giving: Research has shown that the benefits of therapy continue long after treatment has concluded.

2. Live Better: Therapy can reduce mental suffering by alleviating depression, anxiety, and addictions, eating disorders, sleeping problems and many more. By doing so, it greatly improves your enjoyment of life.

3. We are all in this together: Therapy encourages people to express and process feelings that sometimes have festered for decades. As a result, clients feel more connected to themselves and the world around them, which greatly increases empathy.

4. Love Better: This builds on the previous point. By developing a better understanding of yourself, you also gain a better perspective on what drives other people. This makes asserting your needs and negotiating conflict easier.

5. Leaving the past behind: In therapy, clients gain a deeper understanding of how experiences during formative years exert a powerful influence on current feelings and decisions.

6. The world’s best Mom and Dad: Many parents get trapped in a knee-jerk style of parenting: they either repeat what their own parents did, or if they hated that, the exact opposite. Through therapy, parents become more perceptive about the needs of their child and more flexible in their responses.

7. It might make you smarter: Counseling can improve your working intelligence by diminishing feelings that have overwhelmed and clouded your thinking. You gain clarity of thought and action!

8. Kick bad habits: If you’re feeling better and have better relationships, why would you still want to self-medicate?

9. A session a day keeps the doctor away: Well, ok, maybe a session a week is enough! Therapy positively influences physical health because most mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or addictions take a serious physical toll. In addition, clients start taking better care of themselves by replacing unhealthy habits with exercise and activities that bring them joy. Furthermore, research has shown that the quality of our relationships affects our heart, immune function and many other important physiological processes.

10. The gift that keeps on giving: This simply bears repeating. At its best, therapy addresses root problems that affect all aspects of our lives. By doing so, clients will reap the benefits for many years after leaving treatment.


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